Apparently, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will have its first trailer at The Game Awards



The Jedis

About halfway through the year Star Wars Celebration Something very important was announced, that was Eating: SurvivalThe game will be a continuation of that JD: Fallen order. And while many fans celebrated it, there was one small problem. It was precisely the lack of an official trailer or at least a teaser that lasted less than a minute.

After months of waiting, it looks like this verdict is about to change, as a few hours ago they changed their banner Facebook With video game titles, the most curious thing is that they are doing this Game Awards So close to the celebration also the color mix resembles this year’s wear of the award-winning award-winner.

It can be a text image that says "Starwars Jedi Survivor EA"

For now, its participation E.A During the event, however, it is clear that they will, after all, there must be powerful things that will give a pattern that awaits us. 2023. One of those games is Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, Given that for the time being the project Mass effect 4 They will not make an appearance.

The game will come PS5, Xbox Series X/S y PC.

Through: FB EA


Editor’s note: Certainly many fans have their hopes up for a sequel, as the first installment is filled to be more than it deserves. I hope Respawn does a decent job.


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