Apple AirPods Pro 2: New details and images surfaced


The second generation of Apple AirPods Pro is still a long way to go. The new in-ear headphones were already expected for last year, but didn’t arrive until a few weeks ago for WWDC. Fresh information and even the first images of the Apple AirPods Pro 2 have now appeared.

Updated September 5, 2022

new “Power-On” – Newsletter Bloomberg editor Mark Gurman elaborates on the matter AirPods Pro 2 Accordingly, the second generation of TWS headphones will be released 7. September Unveiled at the Far Out launch event. Also, Apple Insider editor Andrew O’Hara one CAD file Locate the charging case. The file shows an almost unchanged design compared to its predecessor, with three innovations.

Among other things located below small opening, which can be a speaker. Perhaps a sound could be played through the headphones to make them easier to find. There have already been rumors that Apple’s “Where’s the?” Charging cases can be tracked with the app. Next to it is another one microphone as well as one vacation Visible on the right. It is assumed that the latter allows for the attachment of a key fob or a wrist strap.

Original article on June 27, 2022

We had a discussion in early December last year Apple’s innovations for 2022 Most well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also gave a view of the product presentation for this year. Accordingly, AirPods Pro 2 (if they are called) should come in a new design and be complete without handles. There was also talk of integrated health and fitness features like a heart rate sensor.

Advanced audio chip with fresh LC3 codec

per Audio-Magazine 52Audio Information has now been leaked that may actually confirm certain features. That’s how AirPods Pro 2 should be Advanced integrated chip Features It will support self-adaptive active noise cancellation and bring an improved “Find My” function. However, it can be more exciting Heart rate detection Who should be on board.

Also from one USB-C connection Mentioned with optimized fast charging. This is exactly what Apple decided recently EU specification for uniform connections To follow from 2024. Other rumors continue to talk about a Lightning connector, so let’s be surprised.

Additionally, Apple can New LC3 Codec Which will be launched together with the Bluetooth 5.2 LE standard. Apart from the improved sound quality, it is a must have Better handling of packet loss Enable transmission time. A Twitter user AirPods Max has trawled through the beta firmware and found the new codec. So it is quite possible that the second generation AirPods Pro will also have this feature.

The charging case gets several upgrades

The design of the “Plug” can also be seen in the first render images and reveal some exciting details. Apple seems to have made some adjustments to the AirPods 3, including opening the microphone. The Operation by touchas well as AirPods Pro launched in 2019should be there.

Image: 52 Audio

A few more adjustments were apparently donated to the charging case. According to 52Audio’s image, there’s a microphone on the bottom that picks up ambient noise and thus can ensure better sound quality from the AirPods. sitting next to Small speakerFinding the Charging Cradle – via die “Find My”-app – Should improve.

The openings on the right side are also interesting. colleagues from PCGH Suspect a recess for accessories or carrying straps. 52 audio However, one type of additional microphone speaks for itself Hearing aid function. It should be able to record sound and transmit it to the ear for playback, which should help people with hearing loss better understand their surroundings.


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