Apple AirPods Pro 2: What we still know


It’s been two years since the original AirPods Pro was launched. Needless to say, they waited a long time for a refresh. We’re calling Apple’s next pair of premium wireless earbuds the AirPods Pro 2, but Apple could name them a little differently, probably “AirPods Pro 2nd Generation.” Still, the TWS bud is not a complete mystery, thanks to multiple rumors, industry insider reports and leaks. Here’s what we know about AirPods Pro 2.

Will there be an Apple AirPods Pro 2?

AirPods Pro earbud in wireless charging case next to iPhone and digital camera.

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Apple has not yet acknowledged the existence of the AirPods Pro 2, but we first heard about the device from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. In June 2021. According to Kuo, the second-generation ‘AirPods Pro’ will increase AirPod shipments by more than 100 million.

Recently, analyst Dr. Report Apple is planning to launch AirPods Pro 2 in 2022 He said the company could shut down the existing AirPods Pro once the new ones arrived So if you’re planning on picking a pair anytime soon, you might want to keep it off.

When will Apple AirPods Pro 2 release date be?

AirPods Pro Battery Indicator
  • AirPods – September 7, 2016
  • Airpods (2nd generation) – March 20, 2019
  • AirPods Pro – October 30, 2019
  • Airpods (third generation) – October 18, 2021

So far, we have no official AirPods Pro 2 release date or even a concrete leak. Based on previous Apple AirPods launch dates, we expect earbuds to dwindle this fall, possibly along with the expected iPhone 14 launch sometime later in September or October.

According to Kuo, the AirPods Pro 2 will arrive by the end of the second half of 2022 However, according to Liquor FronTron, they could launch the third quarter, which means basically anywhere between July 1, 2022 and September 30, 2022. Tipster doesn’t have a great track record, they said MacRumors That information comes from supply chain sources.

Another somewhat reliable liqueur who runs iDropNews Apple expects Apple to launch the AirPods Pro 2 with the iPhone 14 at its September event, which Liquor claims will be on September 13.

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What features and specs will the Apple AirPods Pro 2 have?

A picture of the Apple AirPods Pro earbud from the earbud and the tip of a man-made silicone ear.

The AirPods Pro 2 is said to come with a completely new design. According to a 2020 report Bloomberg Mark Gurman, Apple can make earbuds smaller by releasing the following stems – think Beats Studio Buds. The company is believed to be testing a “more rounded shape that fits a user’s ear more”. However, Gurman went on to say that bringing the hardware to a smaller chassis was a difficult task for Apple and that if it did not work, the plan could be scrapped.


Fitness tracking is one of the most notable features of AirPods Pro 2. According to Gurman, the AirPods Pro will get a new chip for second generation updated motion sensors and fitness tracking capabilities. The current AirPods Pro has the H1 chip, which is also present in the latest third generation AirPods. The so-called chip upgrade is expected to improve functions such as Active Noise Cancellation, which can also increase battery life.

Looks like the buds will be stuck in the Lightning port to charge.

As for the battery, there is no reliable information about its capacity or how long the new AirPods will last on full charge. However, there are some things we do know about the charging case.

Earlier, analyst Kuo Claimed That new AirPods Pro charging case will be able to emit a sound to help users find it. He hopes the case will be as water-resistant as the third-generation AirPods charging case. Unfortunately, it is To see The buds will stick to the Lightning port to charge. Apple is still not ready to jump into the USB-C bandwagon, at least not before its first iPhone that supports connectivity.

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At WWDC 2021, Apple announced some new features in its existing AirPods. These include spatial audio support, the ability to announce notifications, find alerts in my app, and a new conversation boost feature to improve speech. These should land in the new AirPods Pro after the original model is upgraded.

Harmless audio

To improve sound quality, Kuo previously stated that the AirPods Pro 2 would support ALAC audio codecs. It is Apple’s own lossless audio compression technology that stands for Apple Lossless Audio Codec.

Apple is reportedly working on a new codec to enable lossless audio.

We’re not sure how Apple will do this because its current wireless earbuds and headphones don’t support ALAC. Because Bluetooth connections are not harmless Apple Music requires a wired connection to your headphones, receiver or powered speaker to enjoy Apple’s ALAC tracks. Said, LeaksApplePro On iDropNews Says Apple is working on a new codec that will work between the iPhone and AirPods Pro 2 to enable seamless audio.

How much will the Apple AirPods Pro 2 cost?

AirPods Pro with case

The original AirPods Pro launched at 249. Apple generally agrees with its price, but if the AirPods Pro 2 brings a bunch of new features and improvements, their price may go up.

Tipster LeaksApplePro expects AirPods Pro 2 to launch in white at around $ 299. By comparison, third-generation airpods are significantly cheaper at 175. Sony’s WF-1000MX4 (279) Earbuds, which are one of the best in the business, are also cheap.

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So these were all Apple AirPods Pro 2 rumors that we know. We’re sure we’ll hear more about earbuds in the coming months Keep checking back here for all the latest information on the new AirPod. In the meantime, take the poll below and tell us which features you like most about the second-gen AirPods Pro.

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