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Breaking news from Apple and Telegram that will change everything. Updates do not come and it is the users who provide the results. Here’s what’s happening today

Telegram One of the most used messaging platforms ever. its service Pavel Durov The real strength of the company is offering a series of unique services of its kind. And there are many more that should see light in the coming weeks to the delight of users.

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Is Apple blocking Telegram updates? Now everything could change, and the European Union is involved (Adobe Stock)

Or at least, hopefully so. about App per iOSIn fact, there are ongoing conflicts that can change the cards forever. Not only from the objective point of view of the two companies, but also from the legal point of view. And there is involvement European Union.

Apple and Telegram, at risk of updating? what is happening

A speech that should be extended to the European Union which has ratified in recent days Digital Market Act. It is a law that has come into force November 1st and which aims to make online commerce fair and open. Basically, the world’s biggest companies can avoid it Monopoly in the entire market. Therefore, various Apple, Google, Meta, Amazon and other companies will be forced to offer more open platforms.

Telegram 20221106
Here’s what you need to know about the new law (Adobe Stock).

News that definitely won’t make you happy applewhere his ecosystem It is one of the strictest of all. There is a set Rules and Regulations The revenue retained by the Cupertino OEM must be respected without forgetting. To give an example of what can happen, it will also be possible to download apps from the iPhone In other app stores or directly his internet site.

The founder of Telegram spoke about this Pavel Durov, which has been “targeted” against Apple and all its followers in recent days The latter is actually the most favorable for the new European legislation, which could give new momentum to the whole industry. As said, actually, Apple Various telegrams will slow down the publication of updates in the App Store. A choice that may be dictated by the California company’s desire to push as much as possible iMessage, thus limiting the growth and development of competition. We’ll see how the law changes in the coming months.


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