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Expansion of applications, advertisers. The two sources will not do a test but the lock screen of a smartphone seems to have become the new frontier.

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Apparently in this busy era it takes a lot of hard work to unlock a mobile and open an app, but apparently it is not. The lock screen of the phone is the newest real estate in technology. The authorities also assured that Edge.

Apple has made the iPhone lock screen the focus of iOS 16, giving users more control over the look and operation of their iPhone. But when Apple talked about beautiful watch fonts and matching wallpapers with stylish colors, it also showed a world where the lock screen is more than just a security measure.

The “looks” of Apple and Glance. At least 65 times a day

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Apple – Adobe stock

The transformation here surprises in a certain way: the development of a specific market given by the hard work of the technology giants, maturing with the interest of advertisers is another surface where companies can insert information, apps and even ads.

Apple, of course, is not the only company thinking about how to open new (profitable) frontiers. TechCrunch That report In a blink of an eye, A lock screen content company is already in talks with US carriers and plans to launch Android phones in the US in the next few months.

The contest is already out of the apps and on your home screen, via widgets and notifications. Now it looks like a qualitative leap is being made, or at least going one step further: a trend that practically emerges before a smartphone is turned on, when it is switched on, even before it is picked up or unlocked.

Not everyone still knows what Glance is, which runs on a device: One way to better understand what you’re talking about is to visualize a kind of feed in the app. Discover Snapchat On the phone’s lock screen.

The company offers a rotating series of news headlines, not necessarily linked to each other – videos, quizzes, games and photos that appear whenever you turn on your phone screen.

Glance calls these content cards “Glance”, and claims that users use this “Glance” an average of 65 times a day. And that’s where business comes into play: all of this “looks” with advertising.

Is a subsidiary of Glance Inmobi Group, An Indian advertising technology company. It has partnerships with a number of manufacturers, including Samsung and Xiaomi, and the company claims that its software has been integrated into more than 400 million phones. l ‘Asia. Google An investor in the company. From here the fashion, the steps are small.

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