Apple CarPlay, with a new update will be able to pay for petrol from cars –


Lots of news coming on the Apple CarPlay front. The new version we are working on will allow users to pay for gasoline directly from their car

Apples It continues to work more intensively on its ecosystem. And we talk a lot about devices, especially about software and various updates. It is clear now Cupertino OEM He wants to bet – among other things – on himself Infotainment system References

Soon, Apple CarPlay will be able to pay for gasoline directly from your car (Adobe Stock)

The development team is working on a new update Apple Carplay, Simultaneously with iOS 16 release (Expected in September). We are already discussing some upcoming innovations, one of which seems very interesting: the possibility of it Pay for petrol directly from your car.

Apple CarPlay, here’s how you can pay for petrol from your car

Apple CarPlay 20220705
It starts in the United States and then aims to reach the rest of the international market and then Italy (Adobe Stock).

A revolutionary system that allows users to pay for gasoline directly from their car Apple CarPlay. In particular, everything will handle the procedure directly Via display. We started with the United States HF Sinclair Corporation The Texan company, which has 1,600 service stations across the United States, has created its own application to handle everything. Now the goal is to expand to all the rest of the companies and obviously the rest of the world, with individual companies that will have work to do. Create Dare Vita Ad App Adhoc.

But that’s not all, because the goal of paying through exhibitions is to become a role model Electric car refill And ibride plug-in. I hope to be able to focus on the international market in the coming months. Now Apple’s goal is to make CarPlay, an increasingly automated and interconnected infotainment system, as complete as possible. With other Apple devices. We will definitely talk about it again in the coming weeks and together with the global rollout.

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