Apple challenges the European Union: The company has made a surprising decision


According to what has emerged, Apple made a rather surprising decision and is not in line with the European Union’s decision. Now it remains to be seen how the situation will develop

apple It is fast approaching the most important time of the year. next September 11 The much awaited Newcomer Presentation Ceremony will be held iPhone 14. The latest generation iPhone range promises to put on a show, with many new features already emerging – via leaks and rumors – and others just waiting to be announced.

Apple has made a decision not to comply with recent EU directives. Only official missing, but now we (Adobe Stock)

without forgetting iOS 16, Updated version of the historical operating system that will bring several improvements in both interface and functionality. Amid all this chaos of news, there is one of the last hour that has come as a bit of a surprise. Cupertino OEM decided “Challenge” to the European Union at a certain point.

Apple’s latest decision is not in line with EU directives

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According to what has emerged, we will have to wait for the iPhone 15 to switch from Lightning to USB-C (screenshot).

A rather surprising decision, communicated by the site 9to5Mac and just waiting to be made official. According to what has emerged, apple Decided to “Challenge”. Union of Europe and fails to adhere to the latest instructions regarding its use Porta USB-C For single charger. L’iPhone 14 So it will not immediately convert to the new standard, but will continue to be used l’ingresso lightning. It must be said that the obligation for companies will come into force in 2024, when these two years will work properly to prepare for the change.

Still according to news gathered by 9to5Mac, however, iPhone 15 Could be the designated model coming next year To complete the switch. We remind you that the Parliament and the Council of the European Union voted yes to adopt USB Type-C as the only approved standard Came last June. All phones, tablets and cameras sold within the EU must adapt.

A choice that obviously immediately drew attention to Apple, which has always stood out in recent years Your own personal and unique door. Thanks to these newly updated rules, consumers will be able to have a single charging device and a single cable for all their devices. The decision was largely dictated by will To reduce waste and costs About the use of electronic devices.

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