Apple Challenges the World: Millions of Dollars Up for grabs | Prepared for those who succeed –


A real madness that Apple thought. 2 million dollars are up for grabs. How to get them? Surpasses a challenge only available by Cupertino’s OEM

This is not the first time that a major international company has offered its users a challenge with cash compensation But this time apple He wanted to do really big things, good proposals 2 million dollars Cash to all who manage to pass a challenge. Actually that’s not easy, but given the expected prize pool.

Apple launches a $2 million challenge for all users (Adobe Stock)

On the occasion of WWDC 2022, the same California company introduced the feature Lock Mode for iOS 16. The goal is to stop the spyware. Now the challenge is to succeed This is a violation of the system, in any way possible. As a final goal, the Cupertino OEM needs to demonstrate with tangible evidence that the new functionality is accessible.

Apple, here are all the details of the $2 million challenge.

"block mode"
“Block Mode”

Although the vast majority of users will never be the victims of a targeted cyber attack, we must protect all users of Apple products. Block Mode is a revolutionary feature that reflects our unwavering commitment to protect users from attacks” Said Apple’s director of engineering and security architecture Evan Christie, A few weeks ago on the occasion of WWDC 2022.

was first targeted Software Pegasus, which appears to have managed to spy on more than 50,000 Apple devices in 50 countries around the world. When the latter accesses a device, it can read text messages, emails, call logs, cameras, photos, videos and more. A virtually complete use that can lead to very heavy consequences for the victims. And that is why, if one is able to overcome it in the form of a challenge, they can get it immediately 2 million dollars Directly from Apple.

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