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Apple’s new MacBook Air 2022 is finally a reality. Among the many technical features, the conspiracy is above all the battery that promises to be practically infinite. Here’s what you need to know

Apple Charger (Adobe Stock)

After a long wait, the new product has finally arrived in the market apple. If most users look at September with the presentation iPhone 14, Many customers are also interested in everything that surrounds the ecosystem of Cupertino OEMs.

Precisely in this regard, it is finally possible to buy brand new MacBook Air 2022. It’s an updated version of the Californian company’s ‘lite’ laptop, more powerful at its level and full of useful features List of facts. Among other things, the battery is amazing, which promises to guarantee a rather long autonomy.

MacBook Air 2022, here’s everything you need to know

MacBook Air 20220715
Here are some key technical specifications of the product (screenshot by Apple).

Definitely more expensive than its predecessor, the new one MacBook Air 2022 You can buy it 1529 euros In its original version. Then there is the possibility to raise the bar, also reach the absolute top of the range with 8 core CPU, 10 core GPU, 16 GB RAM and 1 TB internal memory. In this case, the cost rises to 2339 euros.

Surprise is above all battery Apple is the new device launched in the market. You can find one already in the package 35 watt charger With two USB Type C ports. As noted by some experts who managed to get their hands on it in time, the MacBook resists with a crazy autonomy even in intensive use. despite Screen 13.6″, Slightly wider than the now canonical 13.3” seen in the previous generation. Remains of the flagship Processor M2, with some significant differences compared to the M1 and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. It is undoubtedly a top-of-the-range device and its price ranges from a market segment that is not really accessible to everyone. Those who feel the need to have a device with them macOS operating system Of the latest generation, this Air 2022 probably represents the right compromise.

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