Apple follows suit: App Store apps are 20 percent more expensive


Price increase since October

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It will be expensive from October 5: Apple announced in a message to developers that they will increase the price of the App Store. The manufacturer is already implementing the next price increase in Europe.

After the ‘Far Out’ event, Apple secretly increased the price of the iPhone SE in its stores. Also, the announced price cut for the iPhone 13 series has not shipped to Europe. This also indirectly increases the price of the device. Now the next price hike from the manufacturer is on the horizon. A developer letter reveals that Apple is releasing the App Store the price From 5 October 20 percent will increase. This initially does not affect subscriptions that have already been withdrawn and automatically renewed

The price is hot: Anyone still flirting with a paid app should grab it now (Image: Unsplash/ Hello I’m Nick)

Primarily related to price increases Different price modelsthat Apple offers to developers. The cheapest tier increases to 1.19 euros, while the second tier increases to 2.49. The manufacturer also announced the end of the famous 99 cents app. Anyone who is totally interested Revised pricing structure Interested, it can be used as an Apple A PDF file see Although developers are not forced to raise prices, there is no real alternative. In theory, the price level can be lowered, but this sometimes leads to a “dramatic” drop in prices.

Those affected by price adjustments European countries. This is due to the currently weak euro and related changes in exchange rates. Apart from this, prices are increasing in Egypt, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Korea and Vietnam. It’s likely that this won’t be Apple’s last price hike. In theory, a similar approach would be possible with the iPad Pro (2022), which is expected to be announced in October.

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