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Apple’s future goes through VR / AR, we understand that by now. News with Apple viewers in the center, which can now be represented by “simple” glasses, has been circulating for some time; Some confirmation even speaks of a product that has already begun: this we know.

Apple Glass and iPhone 15 Pro Max are already planning – 210622

Apple glass The center continues to keep its own in the news with rumors from the high-tech world. Cupertino apple is all about VR / AR, A technology that will probably do even more in the next few years. And Cupertino seems willing to take on a role Primary importance In this new section. So, after a seemingly quiet few months, the VR / AR project has been talked about again; To share some information with the analyst Jeff PuThose who have bitten Apple have added interesting details about the development of this new, future device.

Comes from 9 to 5 Mac The bombshell we are all waiting for: Apple glass They will come Much sooner than predicted. It is to be set for a commercial debut 2024, Production is already underway after a long planning episode. In 2022 and 2023 So we will focus Improvement Headsets will start mass production by 2024.

Apple Glass and iPhone 15 Pro Max are already planning - 210622
Apple Glass and iPhone 15 Pro Max are already planning – 210622

A product that will score a Groundbreaking change Special attention is being paid to Apple and its production and sales. Some people think that technology Will be able to replace the smartphone within 10 years Since its inception, it has thus become a popular product segment like our pocket devices.

Also space for iPhone 15 Pro Max

In addition to viewers from Apple in the analyst’s report Jeff Pu There is also talk of it IPhone 15. At the top of Apple’s range in 2023, it needs to make some improvements. Photographic sector. In particular, we will move towards the camera Zoom periscopeWhich can reach 15 Pro (or only 15 Pro Max).

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