Apple: Goodbye multi-use function, everyone used it



Apple has announced that it will soon limit one of its most used functions by users. News that has everyone worried and will change the way the service is used

ecosystem apple This is one of the most complete so far. The work done by the Cupertino OEM is finally paying off, with more and more users approaching the product with a bite of the apple due to the complete interconnection between services. Just have one account ID Apple Activate and you are done.

iPhone (Photo Canva)
iPhone (Photo Canva)

in iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, Apple TV And much more, everything is always at hand. Also and above all thanks to the increasingly complete apps and services available by the Californian company. There is recent news that concerns one of the most popular functions by consumers, which will be limited.

Apple limits a function, here are all the details

Changes in questions will affect AirdropOne of the most appreciated and used features by users for fast file sharing between Apple devices

All of these should be implemented with the next update of the iOS operating system. There is no shortage of controversy, which is already in China and may soon spread to everyone. However, considering the fact that many users leave AirDrop, the solution could be very useful in terms of security Active always and for everyone. There is a possibility of finding unwanted or even harmful files on your Apple device In fact, it is enough to accept share and risk is around the corner.

airdrop 20221113
AirDrop will also have a 10-minute limit for sharing multimedia content, to increase security (Adobe Stock)

Now moves will be made all over the world 10 minute limit To receive files on AirDrop from anyone with contacts. The innovation has already entered the Chinese market, and will now be expanded globally to increase the level of security. The idea is to go and cover most users who are not very careful In the service configuration.

However, you can control how open AirDrop is from the Control Center. Just hold the dedicated icon and choose “Introduction only” or even “Reception not active”. By doing this, your security will increase significantly and you will be able to avoid unwanted situations.


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