Apple: Great news, the problem is finally fixed


After working hard these days, Apple has finally managed to fix a problem that has affected the iPhone 14 Pro series

the newcomers iPhone 14 Pro They have been in Italy for several days and have already collected a good approval from the first international reviews, despite an important list price, although in line with the clear “premium” occupation of the two Apple-brand smartphones.

iPhone 14 Bug (AdobeStock)

The most expensive of the new range “Melaphonini” iPhone 14The special “Dynamic Island” that has decided to expand to Android smartphones thanks to a specific app for the “Green Robot”, the first to qualify for “Clearing Customs” of that special “Dynamic Island”, can dominate the features. (such as the screen and camera), but there are some bugs that fortunately the Cupertino company has already closed.

Owners of the first watch may have noticed a distortion inside the new camera iPhone 14 Pro e 14 Pro Maxwhich is a reproduction Noisy vibrations Where used with some third-party applications. There is no single hardware related problem, however, the bug only occurred in some apps including Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok, as mentioned in the owners report, although, as we will see, the consequences are not insignificant.

The issue did not affect the native camera iOSAnd that probably prevented the bug from going viral and even more “flashy”, if you can say so.

However, this is an important distortion, because in some cases the problem has even led damage Some elements of the new Apple smartphone camera make it difficult to focus the main lens.

That’s why the Cupertino development team immediately worked on a solution, included in the new release iOS 16.0.2 Already in these hours are being delivered not only the latest iPhone 14, but also the last generation models.

How to install iOS 16.0.2 on new iPhones 14 and older iPhones

After working hard these days, Apple has finally managed to fix a problem that has affected the iPhone 14 Pro series
iOS 16 (AdobeStock)

Exactly for this reason, it is important to update the new iPhone to the latest version of the operating system as soon as possible iOS, in order to (finally) trash a serious bug for which Apple had already promised and ensured prompt resolution. Even shorter than the time promised by the same Cupertino company.

Update iPhone 14 Just click on the app settingsPress the General section and tap on Software Update: the system will automatically search for the availability of new updates, then return a proposal to download and install the new one. iOS 16.0.2.

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