Apple has announced a lockdown mode on iOS 16: what is it and why is it so hype? –


The function was announced to come with the next major release for the iOS operating system, so it is compatible with devices that can host: an optional possibility to define the iPhone and iPad as “extreme”, dedicated to those who believe they have come into dangerous contact. Cyber ​​attacks.

A preview of how Apple’s lockdown mode looks like –

Apple “comes back” Locked: But to protect yourself from other types Virus Compared to the crown, that is, those Computer scientists By announcing a defined function, such risks have been most exposed against their users.ExtremeDesigned for iOS operating systems and devices Furniture IPhone and iPad Desktop of macOS.

It will be launched in 2019 prossima main release iOS and, reported by Apple and later confirmed by the portal 9 to 5 Mac e MacRumorsThe function was designed and developed to protect users who believe they are particularly vulnerable to sophisticated cyber attacks.

“Most people Will not be the victim of such attacks“, Apple says, and states that the mode, specifically defined as” Lockdown “, is designed for users who may be at risk of cyber attacks.” Private companies They develop Spyware Tenant Patronage by some states “.

The main features of “Lockdown” and launch date

iOS 16 Apple 7 July 2022
Lockdown is available on iPhone but also on iPad and macOS –

Therefore a method that allows you to increase as much as possible Security Especially against attacks by skilled criminals. But How it works? From what has come so far, we know that the lockdown will be able to take effect, at least in the first version. Limited functionality Of the device.

Someone ApplicationSo they may have to suffer the consequences Partially or completely forbidden When lockdown mode is enabled, as well Web browsing Can cause significant damage Limitations And countless “Feedback“In addition to the iPhone iPadOS 16 e macOS Ventura Will be able to use it.

For these operating systems, lockdown is already available The third beta version Released on Wednesday, July 6, when the launch of iOS 16 with integrated features is scheduled for next ৷ Petni. In the meantime, for more information on this topic, here Press release Of the Cupertino Company.

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