Apple has confirmed that it will add USB-C ports to iPhones under the new EU law



Apple has confirmed that it will add a USB-C connector to future iPhones in the European Union following a new EU mandate that requires all phones sold in their country to use a USB-C charger.

in conversation with The Wall Street JournalGreg Joswik, Apple’s global senior vice president of marketing, said the company must “comply with the new mandate,” but made it clear it would do so because it had “no choice” in the matter. He also argued that brick charging has largely solved this problem, adding that users ditching their original Lightning cables when switching devices will waste a significant amount.

iPhone 14 Pro photo comparison

“The government has to do what they have to do. Of course we have to stick to it. There is no alternative like ours anywhere in the world to comply with local laws,” says Joswak. “But, you know, we think the approach would have been greener and better. It’s mandatory for our customers when there’s no government.

New EU law The goal is for all electronic devices to use USB-C ports by 2024. The goal is to allow people who use multiple devices to charge phones, tablets, handheld game consoles like the Switch, and other rechargeable technology via universal connectors and cables, rather than buying and using many different brands. Apple phones have primarily used Lightning cables since their launch in 2012.

The iPhone 14 was launched last month, and IGN described the Pro version as “one of the biggest updates” the phone line has received in years. You can read more about it in our IGN review.

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