Apple has created a dangerous product: Alarm goes off for everyone



Not all of Apple’s electronic devices are used for good purposes, and the recently concluded analysis fully demonstrates this. Which products are used for quite different purposes?

Before proceeding with a possible release you need to take great care of the devices, because when you decide to launch a certain product in the market, it is clear that it is necessary to calculate in advance the possible risks that you will face by buying it. . Whether it’s a smartphone, a computer or a tablet, it doesn’t matter: every technology article must be analyzed from top to bottom and with great precision.

Apple is dangerous device
There are many complaints against these devices –

All big tech companies know this very well, and that’s why they tend to test their products a lot before pushing them forward.Government exports Among them. Many of these do not pass laboratory tests, such as an Apple MagSafe that cannot see light at all due to defects in some devices.

People monitored by Apple products: it’s a nightmare

But that doesn’t mean devices already launched can’t become dangerous in the future, and we’re seeing this recently with an Apple tool born with a specific purpose and built into a device capable of worrying virtually anyone. If you are a lover of its products, you will definitely know this, especially if you have always bought mobile phones from the Cupertino house. Yes, that’s right, let’s talk about it Airtag.

Apple Arctic
Apple AirTags should be reviewed –

They should be used to manage the location of one’s mobile phone, but the numerous cases of hacking complaints suggest that their use is mostly focused on monitoring. Movement of people Unknown to them. The data collected by the police in the United States fully confirms this and it seems that the cases involving this tool are increasing day by day.

There are currently more than 150 complaints, including fifty different women who have confirmed they received notifications about them. iDevice, the same ones that signal the presence of an unknown AirTag that is following them Among other things, such situations occur with such frequency that they make these events more than “normal” in the United States.

Currently Apple is trying to correct the problem with a kind of disclaimer present in iOS 15.4, which will be shown when configuring an AirTag and which underlines the fact that the tracker is only for keeping track. The property is the location of the object of the user, and not for purposes other than those intended for its use.


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