Apple has hiked the price of Music and TV+ subscriptions



Agree with Apple A wave of software updates With an unpleasant price increase. such as 9 to 5 Mac ReportThe company has increased the prices of Apple Music and Apple TV+. Music for Personal plans in the US is now $11 per month (was $10) or $109 per year The family plan is now $17 per month instead of $15. TV+ saw the biggest relative jump — prices jumped from $5 to $7 per month and from $50 to $69 annually.

Accordingly, Apple has increased the price of the One’s multi-service package. You now pay $17 per month for the single plan, up from $15 previously. Family users now pay $23 per month instead of $20 and Premier subscribers pay $33 per month where they previously paid $30.

In a statement, a company spokesperson attributed the increase to licensing costs 9-5. Apple claims the pricier plan will allow artists and writers to “earn more” from streaming music. The rep added that TV+’s growth also reflects the size of the service. The video show had “several shows and movies” when it launched three years ago and now has a much larger catalog.

If you’re picky when shopping, you won’t be disappointed. Spotify still charges $10 per month for its standard plan and $16 for a six-user family account. You won’t get lossy or spatial sound, but if you’re more interested in the lowest possible price point, it’s a good deal. When it comes to video services, things are much more ambiguous. The higher price still makes Apple TV+ cheaper than Amazon Prime Video and ad-free Netflix (especially if you want 4K HDR), and more niche services like Disney+ and Hulu will do the trick. additional value In December. Whether he shows up or not remains to be seen Teddy Lasso And slow horse It’s worth the cost.

It can be easy to swallow the reward of an older one. All-in-one packages that combine music, video, cloud storage and other services are hard to find, especially when you want something Apple-compatible. Like it or not, you probably won’t find an option that contains it Fitness-apps or magazine subscriptions.

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