Apple has suggested launching a number of hardware by the first half of 2023: Details


According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple plans to launch several products in the next year. These products will include four iPhone 14 models, three Apple Watch Series 8 variants, several Mac machines with M2 and M3 chips, Apple’s first mixed-reality headset, a bunch of low-end and high-end iPad tablets, a pair of updated AirPod Pro earbuds. , A new homepod and an upgraded Apple TV 7 Gurman has already given some details of these products in the past and the rumor mill is also churning out details of the various devices included in the list.

Gurman shared all the details in his Power on Newsletter that set the tone for what people can expect next year. He said that these products will be launched in the first half of 2023 from the fall of 2022.

IPhone 14

Rumors about the iPhone 14 started from October last year. Like old rumors from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Gurman added that Apple will launch four iPhone 14 models. There will be two Pro models with the codename D73 and D74, while the non-Pro iPhone 14 models will have the codenames D27 and D28 and are expected to “create less excitement”, Gurman claimed.

iPhone 14 Pro models are advised to get an advanced front-facing camera, a new rear-camera system with a 48-megapixel sensor, a slim bezel, an A16 chip, and a pill-shaped cutout for Face ID and a hole punch. Camera. The non-Pro iPhone 14 models come with an A15 chip that powers the iPhone 13 He added that “the 5.4-inch mini size will be replaced with a 6.7-inch model.” Gurman added that iPhones will continue to use the Lightning port to charge batteries and are expected to convert to USB Type-C in 2023.

Apple Watch Series 8

Gurman claims that Apple is preparing to launch three variants of the Apple Watch Series 8. He says there will be a new low-end SE, a standard Series 8 and a rugged version aimed at extreme sports. Wearable S8 chips will be available that may have the same specifications as the S7. He also mentioned that next year’s Apple Watch models – part of the Series 9 – are about to get a new processor. As far as screen size is concerned, the most affordable SE model will stick with the screen size of the current model. According to Gurman, the Apple Watch Series 3 could close in the fall and take its place in the current SEO market.

Previous reports have suggested the development of three Apple Watch Series 8 models. Earlier, Gurman claimed that Apple was working on a set of features, including connecting a satellite connection to the Apple Watch.

IPad tablet

When it comes to the iPad tablet, Gurman says Apple will launch 11-inch and 12.9-inch models with the M2 chip later this year. These iPads are codenamed J617 and J620 respectively. He said The Capertino-based company is expected to release an iPad with a large display between 14 and 15 inches in the next year or two.

There are reports that Apple has claimed that a “new entry-level iPad will show a Retina display of the same resolution as the iPad Air’s display” but the display size could be a 10.5-inch or even a 10.9-inch display. . This particular iPad is recommended to get Apple’s A14 bionic processor and a USB Type-C port. There are rumors of a 14.1-inch iPad that will come with a traditional LED display as well as an M2 SoC and 16GB of RAM.

IPad Apple iPad

MacBook and Mac PC

Gurman says the M2 chip, which powers the latest series of MacBooks, will also power a series of other products in the pipeline. He said there will be a Mac Mini powered by M2 chip and another M2 Pro powered by Silicon, M2 Pro and M2 Max chipsets with 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro laptops and Mac Pro models with M2 Ultra and M2 Extreme processors.

He said Apple is already building a successor to the M2, the M3, which can be used on a 15-inch MacBook Air with a 13-inch MacBook Air codename J513, codename J515, a new iMac codename J433, and a 12-inch laptop. It is still in early development.

MacBook Apple MacBook

Apple is also reportedly developing a 15-inch MacBook model with M2 and M2 Pro CPUs. Gurman previously mentioned that Apple is working on a total of 9 computers, including the next-generation M2 chip.

Apple Mixed-Reality Headset and AirPods Pro

Speaking of the M2 processor, Gurman said that Apple’s mixed-reality headset could also be powered by the M2 CPU. Citing sources, he said the headset is expected to run a base M2 chip with 16GB of RAM. It will be announced in January 2023, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, who further claims that the device will support the “uninterrupted rapid growth” of the headset market.

When it comes to audio products, Gurman says there could be a new pair of AirPods Pro earbuds with an updated chip and high-quality audio support.

Homepod and Apple TV

Finally, Apple is said to be developing a new Apple TV codenamed J255, powered by an A14 chip, and more RAM than the latest model. For the homepod, Gurman says the smart speaker, codenamed B620, will run on the same S8 chip as the watch, and will have the same design as the original homepad, as well as functionality. However, it is said to have an updated display above and can get multi-touch functionality.

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