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It’s not a secret and not even news that I very strongly wanted to improve Apple’s photographic sector. The next iPhone 14 will focus too much on the eye-catching novelty of the camera. There have been further improvements after the great leap made with the iPhone 12 and especially the iPhone 13. Not only that.

Continuity Camera –

This year the Cupertino giant is expanding its effectiveness Continuity camera With macOS Ventura and iOS 16. Users can now use the iPhone as a Mac webcam for a high quality wireless experience.

Continuity camera MacOS first came with Mojave and allowed users to take photos with their iPhone or iPad and view them instantly on Mac. Now this is a big improvement in the upcoming software with the ability to use the iPhone as a webcam for Mac.

In the power of continuity, the Mac can automatically recognize an iPhone’s camera

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The Continuity It really offers a huge jump in performance using its built-in webcam I’m happy today o Pro, iMac o Studio display. And it’s probably better than most standalone webcams. Here’s how Apple describes the new feature:

With the power of continuity, the Mac can automatically recognize and use the iPhone’s camera when it’s nearby, without having to wake it up or select it, and the iPhone can connect to the Mac wirelessly for even greater flexibility.

Continuity brings innovative features to all Mac computers, including cameras At the center level, Portrait mode and new studio lights, an effect that softens the background and illuminates the user’s face beautifully. Also, the Continuum Camera connects to the iPhone’s ultra-wide-angle camera to enable desk view, which simultaneously shows the user’s face and a top view of their desk, great for creating DIY videos, showing sketches in FaceTime and much more. iOS 16 and macOS Ventura are currently available in developer beta. The free public beta will come in the next few days.

Another deadly way to use the iPhone as your Mac’s webcam is Camo From reincubated , Especially if you do not want to run the beta version to test the continuity camera. This is a free download – the basic features are provided free, advanced features.

How to enable continuity camera. This is the way: iOS 16 and macOS Ventura (not before verifying if Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are enabled for both Mac and iPhone), Mac and iPhone must be registered with the same Apple ID and use 2FA.

ConventionalContinuity camera Enabled, but you can confirm by going to iPhone Settings App> General> Airplay and Handoff> Continuity Camera Webcam. Then hold your iPhone close to your Mac when launching FaceTime, Photo Booth, Zoom or any other app that can use the camera: Your Mac should automatically switch to using the iPhone’s rear camera.

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