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Every promise is a debut. In the last keynote of WWDC 2022, Apple showed everyone its best software: In addition to other important announcements, the Cupertino giant has been able to give us some interesting news, some dedicated to Apple Maps.

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A renewal and enhanced experience for Apple Answers on Google Maps Map Now available for eleven new countries, including France, Switzerland, New Zealand, Belgium and many more. Apple has promised to add six new cities to its description “City Experience”.

New experience “Apple Maps” It also comes with more precise and fast navigation, improved image including landmarks, three-dimensional location, detailed street view, shopping mall and much more.

Map: Plan a multi-stop route on a Mac and then send to your iPhone

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In a related note, the second O’Byrne, Cycle instructions “Apple Maps“Now cover 49 states. Apple maintains a list of “Apple Maps” features by location on its website, but the most recent locations have not yet been added.

Apple has introduced updates to many built-in iOS apps from iOS 13. The updated map contains a long list of new features designed to enable the Apple Maps app to compete with other companies’ mapping apps.

For the new features, Apple Maps will receive several updates, including the ability to add more stops to a route.

Is called “Multi-stop routingAnd Apple says the new feature will allow users to plan up to 15 stops in advance.
Users will be able to manually add these stops during the ride or use voice commands while behind the wheel. The voice command feature must use Siri. The great thing about this feature is that the user will be able to plan multi-stop routes on a Mac and then send them to your iPhone when you’re ready to go. The new version of the app will also have some new features like cycling. Look around And more

Apple is also making it much easier for motorcyclists to vote: by looking at the rate payable, directly Map. Significantly, you can add transit cards to your Apple Wallet. For development, Apple says it is improving Mapkit, starting with the city experience.

City experiences give you a detailed look at the available cities You will be able to see landmarks, roads and other points of interest. Apple further promises that it will make it easier to integrate high-resolution images from Maps Jillo And other third party apps.

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