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These are crucial months for Apple, which is working on several projects that will see the light of day by the end of the year. One of them particularly concerns Mack

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Great expectations for fans apple This is for all newbies iPhone 14, Due to the subsequent fall. A number of specifics have already come out in anticipation of what future iPhone features will look like, potential surprises or reversals. But they are not the only products processed in Cupertino, quite the opposite.

Rumors have surfaced several times in the past week that they have been carrying out development projects at Apple headquarters for some time. Mac. In particular, a Mac Pro Con M1. But it may never see the light of day, at least according to what expert Mark Gurman reported in an interview with YouTuber Max Tech.

Mac Pro won’t come with M1, says Mark Gurman

Mark Gurman
Mark Gurman

A news that comes as quite a surprise and it could upset Apple’s plans. It seems that Mac Pro Con M1 Can’t see the light. A considered choice is that of Cupertino’s OEM, which would prefer to wait for the launch Chip M2 Extreme, forecast For the end of 2022. In the last few months of the year, the company is still expected to provide a preview of what its new laptops will be, starting deliveries before 2023.

Apple initially thought it might launch the Mac Pro On the occasion of WWDC 2022 Last year. Precisely because of the processor, in the end it was decided to change the plan and work in a completely different way. During the interview, Gurman himself then mentioned that a Mac mini with new design. But Mac Studio may have optimized specs, perhaps thanks to the integration of the M2 processor. At this point, however, these are general rumours, not yet confirmed but not denied by the Cupertino OEM. The next few months will serve to clear up the problem.

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