Apple music in the car without a smartphone? Now it’s possible, here’s how –


Thanks to a new collaboration, a car brand will allow you to activate Apple Music without the need to connect your smartphone

I Infotainment system They are more and more advanced. Thanks to the work of Google and Apple, but not only. Major car brands are also focusing more on the sector, creating new deals and developing software to make it as relevant as possible to user requests.

Thanks to a recent update, it will be possible to launch Apple Music in smartphones without Audi cars (Adobe stock).

Exactly in this regard, Audi Has just released a new update to its multimedia system. Which is specifically related to the app Apple Music, Now active without any time and need Smartphone connected. A big step that could be emulated by other companies.

In Audi, Apple Music is activated without a smartphone

Audi Apple Music 20220520
Details have not yet been released at the time of the release of the new software update (Adobe Stock)

Listening to music in your car is a must for millions of people around the world. If before radio was the only medium, for some time now various systems including connection with smartphones have been dominating. Tramite AUX or Bluetooth. But soon, something may change. Indeed, we are already in an important step in this sense. Audi recently unveiled an official feature that could prove very useful, especially for those who do not always have their phone.

Everything will be possible from today Apple Music Music At any time, without connecting the iPhone. A super innovation that must be found in all new cars that come on the market or be bought from here, but not only. Even those that already have circulation MMI multimedia system They will receive updates so that they can run the content at any time. The release date for the update has not yet been announced in detail, but it should be a few weeks (if not days) now.

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