Apple Pay expands: It will reach everyone The decision has been made


Apple Pay will no longer be a privilege of Melafoninos. That opens the door to the exit to other browsers of the non-instant mobile payment tool created eight years ago by Cupertino giant Apple Inc., which lets you make contactless payments using an iPhone 6 or Apple Watch (and later). Physical store, through integrated NFC sensor. But online payments on websites and apps supported including Mac and iPad Air 2.

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All thanks to the new operating system update Apple: iOS 16. Apple Pay may, in fact, soon, and eventually, be compatible with it Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Once iOS has been updated.

Indiscretion on social media: its allies MacRumors Steve Moser will see that Apple Pay works with Edge and Chrome iOS 16 beta 4. Steve Moser sharing his findings via Twitter is a real prospect.

That option opens the door to Apple Pay’s future

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The screenshot shown by Moser shows an alternative “Continue with Apple Pay” On Apple’s payments page when using Edge. Apple Pay currently only works in Safari, iOS 15 and earlier, but not in any other browser for web purchases.

to be honest Steve Moser Doesn’t specifically mention Firefox, but other users have noted Apple Pay’s compatibility with the free, cross-platform browser maintained by the Mozilla Foundation. Which has been online for over twenty years, even before iOS 16 beta 4 was released.

A high position Reddit The beginning of this month only shows an option to pay Apple Pay in iOS 16 beta 2 When using Firefox. That’s it for another user on iOS 16 beta 3.

There is no official news, it is not yet known when the Cupertino giant will start expanding support for Apple Pay and for which browsers. But the clues all point in this direction.

however, Apple Pay It is not yet available in the latest beta of macOS. As Moza notes, this is likely because Chrome, Edge, and Firefox all use Safari’s rendering engine, WebKit, on iOS due to Apple’s requirements. Third-party browsers are free to use their own engines on macOS, so it remains to be seen if and when Apple will remove the last doubt and whether support will work outside of Safari on Macs. But it is all very clear Something that tends toward historical change.

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