Apple Pay suffers a later suspension: it will not arrive in Italy, at least for the moment –


No Apple Pay later in Italy, at least for the moment. Apple services, which aim to revolutionize the way consumers buy its products, are on a temporary hiatus: That’s why.

Apple pay letter not coming soon – 27922

Among the most interesting functions and, at the same time, muted with iOS 16There is one that you can do Pay with Wallet in installments. While introducing the new iPhone OS, Apple introduced new ways to make payments lighter, giving buyers the possibility to carry them slowly with all the comfort in the world. Well, after submission WWDC 2022, Apple will be ready postpone function at a later date – in fact, in the spring of 2023.

Mark Gurman confirms: significant development problems

Apple pay letter not coming soon - 27922
Apple pay letter not coming soon – 27922

According to sources, Mark Gurman According to Bloomberg, the Cupertino giant has decided to postpone this new method of payment in direct installments to the Apple wallet until 2023. In the newsletter power on We read that the well-known journalist will come up with the function iOS 16.4 In the following calendar year, and that: “This leads me to trust the company It’s not entirely certain when Apple Pay will be ready for launch next. It’s possible the feature won’t arrive until iOS 16.4 arrives in the spring. I heard there is Quite a significant development problem In the implementation of the service, which leads to this delay.

So information that is not good for quick resolution of problems. Currently at home apple Everything is silent: the bitten apple of Cupertino does not mention any possible suspension of the function and, perhaps, we will not know anything until the moment of launch. In short, nothing After Apple Pay Not for the US or not For ItalyWhere it will probably arrive after the first run-in lap in its homeland.

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