Apple: Record sales with iPhone 14 Pro Max, estimated at 80 million units –


Like every year, there is less and less time left for Apple to remove the screen from its next iPhone line-up. And, with the introduction in a few months, the first estimates about the sales volume of next-generation devices begin to appear on the web.

iPhone 14 Pro Max: Sales record in 2022-2023 – 230622

We are one step away from the next generation of iPhone. The iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be unveiled at the end of the summer and, as usual, the first ones will start Indiscretion On the features of the new line-up … and much more. In particular, we are talking about Sales volume, With records that have been disconnected year after year by new models in circulation. And IPhone 14 This will certainly not be an exception that we can consider a real golden age for the Cupertino company.

80 million iPhone 14s … and more than half will be “Max”

iPhone 14 Pro Max: Sales record in 2022-2023 - 230622
iPhone 14 Pro Max: Sales record in 2022-2023 – 230622

We talk about the good 80 million The units that will be put on the market between 2022 and 2023: according to the Korean newspaper IT NewsWhich provides unbalanced design and construction chains as well as providing information from suppliers. Apples. So the forecast comes from the giant, which has already consulted with several partners, including Samsung, For display, and BOE, a Chinese company among Apple’s major suppliers. Looking at the data provided by IT News in detail, we can not only understand the displays that Samsung will supply to Apple, but also the total number of devices that Apple will sell. How many are 6.1 and how many are 6.7 inches.

The total, as mentioned at the beginning, is good 80 million units. A really extraordinary personality, among which 38.17 million with 6.1-inch panels – Then mount to iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. The rest 42 million Will be mounted instead of the device iPhone 14 Max Ed iPhone 14 Pro Max – i.e. both 6.7-inch models. In other words, Apples Expecting to sell more “bigger” devices than the base variant. An interesting fact if we consider Apple’s choice to abandon for sure – or at least for now – the entry level IPhone MiniWhich has made its small size its work horse.

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