Apple Silicon is an inconvenient truth


Wirecutter’s removal of MacBooks from the “best laptops” category is effectively the latest evidence of a trend I’ve noticed where reviewers have stopped comparing Wintel laptops to Apple’s MacBooks. to compare
ArsTechnica Test des Surface Laptop Go 2 On him from this month Surface Book 2 Review 2017. The current test includes only other Wintel laptops in the benchmark, while the test includes this year’s MacBook 2017.

If storage works, PC-to-PC comparisons with Macs were the norm just a few years ago. I don’t understand why some reviewers have written it off recently. Is it because reviewers think they can’t compare x86 and ARM laptops to some degree? Seems simple enough to me. Are they afraid that the presentation of MacBooks that surpass Wintel laptops will give the impression that they are in an Apple bag? I don’t understand why. The fact is, and many people still need or want to buy a Windows laptop.

I can’t help but wonder if MacBooks are what many reviewers have in mind they are PCs have long used Intel, so they stopped being computers when Apple used its own silicon.

I’m pretty sure Wellborn was right the first time: reviewers in seemingly neutral posts are afraid to repeat the obvious truth about x86 vs Apple silicon – that Apple silicon easily wins in both performance. And Efficiency – It will not be popular with a large part of its audience. Apple Silicon is a very annoying fact for many computer enthusiasts who don’t like Macs, so they refuse, like B. Fox News scientist and climate change. simple There’s no other way to explain the MacBook’s omission in a comparison like Ars Technica.

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