Apple: Sting for subscriptions, prices go up to crazy figures



Bad news for those who pay various subscriptions with Apple. The Cupertino company has just decided to implement a new Sting, the price has risen to crazy figures

We are living in very complicated times From an economic point of view. Amidst expensive bills and rising prices for even basic necessities, the watchword has become savings. We are trying to find possible solutions so that they don’t have to give up their needs, However, without costing a fortune.

Apple subscription 20221025
Subscription from Apple, a maxi is coming to Sting users. Talking about price hikes for everyone (Unsplash)

Even apparently the prices of secondary goods are rising. This is the end As a result of inflation, An event that unfortunately has serious consequences. Technology is one of the sectors most affected by the impact, with significant growth. Precisely in this regard, apple Only one Maxi Sting contacted For its many subscriptions.

Apple, here are all the new updated subscription prices

Apple subscription 20221025
These are all major services that will suffer price hikes. There is a possibility to disable everything without penalty (unsplash).

Also apple Victims of inflation, and its users. According to what has emerged, the cost of available basic subscriptions will soon increase, forcing consumers who continue to use the services offered by the Cupertino OEM to pay more. List included Apple Music, Apple TV+ Add Apple One, the three founders offered a whole range of American companies. More specifically, this updated price list:

Apple Music:

  • subscription independent: and €9,99€ a €10,99 (€1 increase)
  • subscription the family: and €14,99€ one €16,99 (€2 increase)

Apple TV+:

  • Subscription: from €4.99 €6,99

Apple One:

  • subscription independent: and €14,95€ one 16,95 euros (€2 increase)
  • subscription the family: and €19,95€ one €22,95 (€3 increase)
  • subscription premium: and €28,95€ one €31,95 (€3 increase)

The last of the three services offers a package that includes, among others, Apple Arcade, Apple Fitness+ ei piani iCloud Recommended It should be noted that the latter will not increase individually, but only if you decide to activate the entire bundle. As indicated by Apple, all enhancements are already enabled for everyone. If you decide to take out a new subscription, you will pay according to the new price. Those who are already subscribers will get a notification back to this effect 30 days before renewal at a high price. So that there is a possibility to cancel the paid plan and stop using the service at the end of the contract.


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