Apple: This will be a failure, the alarm has gone off Beware of pre-orders –


The new iPhone 14 launch is less and less, but those who are already ringing the alarm: what will happen, given the supply problem? Here are all possible future scenarios

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The arrival of new arrivals in the market is increasing iPhone 14. Apple’s flagships are, as always, among the most talked-about devices, given the presentation keynote that will take place shortly after the summer. coinciding with its arrival iOS 16, The operating system that will – essentially – be installed on Cupertino’s new OEM flagship

Meanwhile, rumors and disbelief continue to chase each other, making even the sector’s biggest fans water. However, there is bad news, one after all: the potential impact supply problems. Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo spoke about this, who wanted to reassure everyone through his Twitter profile.

Here’s what will happen with the iPhone 14, despite supply issues

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According to what has emerged, the supply problem will not be a major obstacle to the distribution of the iPhone by phone around the world (Adobe stock).

I recently learned that some iPhone 14 panel and memory suppliers are experiencing supply issues, but they should have limited impact on iPhone 14 mass production as other manufacturers can fill the gap.” explained the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo via his Twitter account, reassuring all consumers who are already worried about possible delays in the delivery of the new iPhone.

for LPDDR5 memory, Samsung It will be the main supplier, but not the only one. In fact, they will intervene at the end of the year as well Micron Ed SK Hynix Lend a hand despite some current problems. As for the panels, however, they will primarily deal with it Samsung Display and BOE. per LG Display Instead, we have to wait a little longer considering the problems associated with the company’s qualitative yield. There’s nothing to worry too much about, though: iPhones 14 will be available to everyone right from launch. All that remains is to wait until September for the official presentation and its consequences Opening of pre-orders.

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