Apple Viewer Ever Closer: Bring Apple Glasses With It –


Apple is augmented with a “straight leg” and ready to enter the virtual reality sector. If the Apple audience is more convinced, “Apple” is ready to add a dose with its Apple glasses

I came “Another thing“From Apples It won’t be an iPhone or an iPad, but a brand new product that will expand the California company’s horizons and bring this device into the same sector. The reference goes Apple visitorsA product that has been discussed for several years in such a way that it has become a chimera, but the latest rumors show that it has finally reached a stage of “semi-concreteness”.

Apple Viewer (AdobeStock) is getting closer

Reported by indiscretions 9T05Mac Further confirm the progress of the project, whose commercial debut is scheduled for next year but the possibility of formalization is already expected in September,iPhone 14 release. And Apple headsets. “Another thingDedicated to the keynote address of September New iPhone 2022.

Rumors of the last few hours have leaked information about the “Apple” strategy, and analysts at Highting Intel Tech Research, Jeff Pu, Has identified the possible stages of the procedure According to analysts, the Apple visitors Development is at an advanced stage and the prototype will be completed by the end of 2022, with widespread commercialization expected by 2023.

Earlier, in the last window of the year, the appropriate time for the unfortunate OfficialDom was indicated, with hints at the developers’ goal, above all, to improve the platform (and application) based on the audience. The wearable will be based on mixed reality games and reproduction of multimedia content and will be its main competitor. Project Cambria Thanks to Meta, Apple Silicon M processor and high resolution screen.

Apple Glasses: Traditional Design, Smart Focus

Visore apple apple glasses
Luxshare (AdobeStock) will be the main supplier of Apple Glasses

I came Apple visitors This will not be the only “Apple” project dedicated to the mixed reality sector. In fact, r Apple glasses, A consistently “smart” traction product designed like classic glasses and with sophisticated features available in lenses. According to sources, Luxshare The U.S. company will be one of the major suppliers and the project launch could be completed in the time window between 2023 and 2024.

We’ll see. What seems certain is this Apples Ready to create a big voice in the wearable sector, analysts and insiders are particularly profitable and considered with considerable future prospects. And don’t want to see “Apple” standing next to you.

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