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“Normal” analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts a possible date for the presentation of the highly anticipated Apple audience, ready to revolutionize the VR sector

Just a few days ago We talked Of its projects Apples In the mixed reality sector and how the Cupertino giant is working hard to enter a market that will be particularly profitable, according to analysts and internal reasoning, especially in the near future.

Apple Headset Releases in January (Screenshot YouTube)

In the previous article we told you how Apple visitors Now close to completion and in fact this information has also been confirmed by the analyst Ming-chi Kuo“Apple” is always at the forefront of anticipating the company’s move.

According to the information obtained from the source, d Apple visitors Will be released during the month January 2023, With Tim Cook and associates therefore looking to open the year to come under the sign of the revolution. These temporary gaps should be identified to avoid misunderstandings, Date of official presentationAnd not the actual availability in the market.

Kuo has analyzed the VR industry and confirmed that entry Apples Will drastically change the market, which has already undergone significant ups and downs in recent years thanks to Meta Low VR based on audience availability.

Apple Headset: Expected release date in January 2023?

Apple released the audience
Apple headset will have realityOS operating system (AdobeStock)

By inserting Apples And with Mark Zuckerberg’s partial isolation of the company, which could reduce its investment in the VR hardware market in favor of expanding the advertising business, the virtual and augmented reality sector could feel a new spring and the source expects significant growth. Game app for this industry.

The analyst further added that Apple visitors It will be there More complex hardware devices Not yet designed by American companies and many suppliers are already involved in the supply chain. The key to the experience will be the operating system realityOSWhich according to some may get a place for the first time on the occasion of SeptemberiPhone 14 releaseIn the form of “one more thing” dedicated to developers.

Allows a kind of important hunger Apple visitors To enter the market with a fair amount of support from third party companies. The price, however, will (obviously) not be cheap, but we already knew it.

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