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American journalist Mark Gurman anticipates the major innovations of the Apple Watch 2022, including technical data sheets, components and a new model for athletes.

There will be room for this tooApple Watch SE2 In the batch of declarations that will be unbalancediPhone 14 release. If he Apple visitors Will be the absolute hero of an event This Scheduled for January next year, lo Cheap smartwatch from Apple Instead, it will be included in the list of expected devices in a few months. And the news will be of absolute importance.

Apple Watch 2022 New
Apple Watch 2022 New (AdobeStock)

Its reliable, according to Mark Gurman Bloomberg, The keynote of September will see the presence of different products, related to different ranges of each device. Will be the absolute hero IPhone 14For which a subdivision of the source line expects four models (replacing the traditional, Pro, Pro Max and the new Max, Mini), as well as the new AirPods Pro, a new generation Apple TV, HomePods, Mac and M3 processors with M2 and at least three variants. Apple Watch.

As Apple focuses on smartwatches, it will also find space for advertising listsApple Watch SE2The news of which can be identified more than those with the debut of the current Apple Watch Series 7. In particular, according to the source, the new wearable will be animated S8 processor, Tracing a significant improvement in terms of performance and energy efficiency. The smartwatch will have the same design as the previous model 1.78 inch panel in rectangular format.

As price, Apple Watch SE2 The exchange rate should replace the outgoing Watch Series 3 with a price list within 299 euros, which will not be updated to the latest watchOS 9.

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Apple Watch 2022 New
Upcoming Apple Watch Explorer Edition (Adobstock)

The same chip of the new Watch SE 2 will also be appliedApple Watch Series 8, But the generational leap will be less marked in contrast to the economic variant, as the performance of the S8 SoC is very close to that of the outgoing processor. There will be images instead in the internal elements Body temperature sensor And a new low-power mode that will allow you to run some apps and features at low performance, thus maximizing autonomy.

Finally, the space for the latest addition to the range, such as a model entry – which should be marketed as “Explorer version”- Improved by a high degree of impact resistance and protection. This chat version “Laborious“There should be the same technical data sheet and the same features Apple Watch Series 8Excluding materials: Instead of aluminum, titanium and stainless steel, smartwatches will have a feature Rubberized exterior Which will make it much more resistant, though less “high” to the touch.


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