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The new Apple Watch will coincide with Apple’s event scheduled for September 8. This year the line will move from a Pro model, with a new design, cutting-edge technical features and unique functions.

Apple Watch Pro: other confirmations – 26722

We return, again, to speak strongly about the new model Apple Watch 8. In particular, Apple’s 2023 line-up for wrists around the world will, after all, switch from one model Pro. Among the few devices from Cupertino’s biting apple not to present a Pro version, the smartwatch debuted eight years ago, poised for big action.

Actually, its the Pro model Apple Watch Variant will take place editing, the most expensive to date for the materials used and some technical features. In this sense, a new segment will be created in the Apple Watch line, which to date has only been represented by the “canonical” model – released every year – plus the special edition that hits the shelves with the sixth generation.

Gurman: Apple Watch Pro will be big

Apple Watch Pro: other confirmations - 26722
Apple Watch Pro: other confirmations – 26722

Speaking about the Apple Watch Series 8 in his Weekly Power on Weekly column, Mark Gurman pondered this. Bloomberg’s trusted colleague analyzed everything we know about the new Apple Watch Pro New design which would eventually be inspired by the square lines that had circulated over the years in informal renderings.

“I’m told the high-end model will be slightly larger than the standard Apple Watch, only large enough to appeal to a subset of customers. The screen will be 7% wider and the device will have a new look: this is the first time the company has introduced a new design since Apple Watch 2018. It will be an evolution of the current rectangular shape, it will not be circular. It won’t have that rumored flat edge.

Among the features confirmed by Mark Gurmanpresence Titanium case, to make the device more resistant to scratches, bumps and falls. and still have batteryWhich should increase its size and therefore its performance, also thanks to software techniques watchOS. And finally Sensor for detecting body temperatureThis is very useful in the last epidemic period.

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