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The choice of Apple Watch 7 was quite clear from the beginning in the name of continuity. Same sensor, same processor, rounded edge. The heirs of the Cupertino giant device may change, almost certainly on an aesthetic level. Eyes on the new generation watch screen.

Apple Watch 8 – Adobe Stock

Apple can go from round to flat. Or so it should be taken as an example of rendering well-known and authentic publicity, in collaboration (again). Jelbo.

According to Prosser, Watch the series Apple will launch this year with a significant redesign, replacing the recurring changes Apple has made in recent years. Still taking a cue from these renders, they expect the Watch Series 8 to debut with a modified chassis with a flat display. Apparently, the display blends into a flat metal frame, which also has rounded corners. That may not be the case.

Apple Watch 8, three (possible and admirable) models are coming

Apple 20220520 cell
Apple – Adobe stock

Perhaps, the design could be See Series 8 e See the extreme version, Or both. Originally reported by Bloomberg Come on Explorer versionThe Watch Extreme version, one of the three next-generation watches that Apple is expected to release, is thought to be a tougher and more durable version. See Series 8. However, it remains to be seen whether Apple will market the Watch Extreme Edition as an alternative to Garmin. Polar.

Conditionally, the Apple Watch 8 must have three variants: the standard version,Apple Watch SE Second generation andApple Watch “Explorer Edition” With a long service life. The novelty of the flat display can be ruled out for any of these three models.

Currently, an update to Apple’s Watch series is expected to be scheduled for a hardware launch event on September 13, possibly a screaming combo with the unveiling of the iPhone 14 series, or Mac. mini and MacBook Pro, with Apple M2-powered versions of the series: all together passionately.

Two clues but will not prove Shrimp ApplePro, A relatively new liqueur on the scene, but who still talked about a new look for the first iPhone 14 Pro, without Notch First, it aligns with this theory without forgetting others.

In short, if so,Apple Watch 8With its flattering display and edges, it will definitely get a more refined look, starting a new path from a design point of view. That combined with its new features could put it at the top of the list of the best smartwatches of 2022.

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