Apple Watch Series 6 and the bug of the scorpion nero: free replication free –


Different users are already signaling a grave bug col loro Apple Watch Series 6, including allo schermo nero. The repertoire is completely free

We’re talking about a real problem that has caused a lot of problems with the user, “one percent percent” Apple. Second Quanto Emerso, alcuni Watch Series 6 sareebbero stati colpiti da un bug che porta allo schermo completely nero. The rendering of fat is disposable.

A bug sta colpendo alcuni Apple Watch Series 6, provoking the schermo nero permanent (Adobe Stock)

Nelle scorse ore, the OEM of Cupertino has officially recognized the malfunction and decides the amount of consultation. In what mode? Lanciando un Dedicated assistance programwhich is very free and accessible from all colons that have acquired an Apple Watch Series 6 by 40 mm product. April and September 2021.

Come accredited program replays of Apple Watch

apple watch bug 20220423
To solve the problem, OEM’s Cupertino decides to launch a free and easy replication program (Adobe Stock)

Even if you have one in possession Apple Watch Series 6 e avete lo schermo completamente nero, sApparently there is a free repatriation program in California called Lancashire. To verify the identity, we must admit that there is no dedication to the Apple site. Qui vi verrà chiesto in the series of wearables, which can be found in the info that is allocated in general.

Dopo aver accertato l’idonità, si potrà decidere se revolgersi ad un Apple Autonomous Service o fissare un appuntamento diretmente presso un Apple Store. The free reception is free, but only a condiment. Non It is not necessary to present any other alphabet to the wearable, so that the potter can compress the service of the service. This will help you get the necessary interventions, and the cost will definitely increase to the disposable owner.

The OEM of Cupertino has made it clear that this typical service does not come without a prolungamento dei due anni di garanzia Current from the moment of inquiry. Please note that the incapacitated bug of the scorpion nero and now acquires an Apple Watch Series 6 product from April and September 2021 will be useful. For all intents and purposes, it is necessary to ask for help.

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