Apple Watch Series 8: First Details in the Outdoor Edition


If you own an iPhone and want to have a smart technology strap around your wrist, you can rarely avoid an Apple Watch. This year the new generation will also be presented.

Updated from July 7:

Rumors have been circulating for months that Apple will launch one Outdoor variety Watch Series 8 will be launched. Now there are some technical details about the ultimate sports version. The information usually comes from well-known Bloomberg editor Mark Gurman. Accordingly, the hands of the clock will be above one 2 inch display There is, with whom 410×502 pixels When dissolved it will make the screen about 0.1 inches larger than the Watch Series 7.

The outdoor watch housing should be stronger than the regular model Titanium or stainless steel In addition to existing ones, Apple could use larger cases to accommodate more powerful batteries. According to Gurman, this will significantly benefit the battery life of the smart companion. Inside, like the Watch Series 8 and Watch SE 2, comes Apple S8 processor For use

Build: John Prosper / Ian Jelbo

Updated from July 4:

Most well-known Bloomberg editor Mark Gurman has given some details again Apple Watch Series 8 Disclosure Accordingly, the manufacturer’s next smartwatch will have a sensor which is a Monitor skin temperature Permission. In the future, users may be informed as their body temperature rises. This will be one Early detection of the disease Presumably, however, temperatures should not be reproduced precisely, as environmental effects make it difficult to give a precise indication.

This is by no means a new rumor. The corresponding leak for a skin temperature sensor had already appeared in March. However, Gurman has so far assumed that it will not be initially usable for measuring fever. The feature is intended to be available in both Series 8 and A New outdoor variant I’ll stay. Other than that, watches probably won’t jump into any big innovations or performances.

watchOS 9 – These are innovations at a glance

Vier neue Watch Faces: Lunar, Playtime, Metropolitan, Astronomy

  • Moon: A representation of the lunar calendar, which is often used, especially in Islamic and Asian regions.
  • Time of play: Modern art
  • Metropolitan: Classic dial
  • Astronomy: Now offers current cloud data in a modified form and in addition to a new star map.

Detailed sleep tracking

WatchOS9 Sleep Monitor can now detect and record individual stages of sleep (REM, core, deep sleep). For this purpose, data from the acceleration and heart rate sensors are evaluated.

Medicine app

With the new “Medications” app, you can easily create drug lists and set up reminders. Unfortunately, there is also a warning for interactions known only to users in the United States.

Long-term recording of cardiac arrhythmias

Also added is the possibility of recording cardiac arrhythmias like atrial fibrillation for a long period of time and then exporting a report as a PDF for his doctor. If cardiac arrhythmias are suspected, warnings are issued through the ECG app.

More updates on watchOS 9

  • Improved data protection: All fitness and health data is encrypted, sent to both devices and iCloud and in encrypted form
  • With Apple Watch Mirroring, the Apple Watch can also be easily controlled via the iPhone, such as through voice commands.
  • Apple Watch 7’s QWERTY keyboard now supports French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish
  • The Calendar app has been modified and now allows you to make appointments directly from the clock
  • The Workout app now shows more data, the watch for triathletes now automatically detects which sport is currently being played

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June 4 update

WWDC 2022 is coming and as usual Apple’s annual developer conference will be about software. In addition to iOS 16, a newer iPadOS version and the next macOS, we expect an update for the Apple Watch. Going by version number, must do watchOS 9 Colleagues from introducing Senate We have prepared an overview of the wide range of new features of watchOS 9 which we can expect according to the recent rumors. A below New energy saving modeOne Car accident detectionMore Health features Like medicine reminders, improvement Detection of atrial fibrillation And of course new Watchface And Workout-Arten. What do you expect for the next Apple Watch software?

Update We 17. May

Apple has remained true to similar designs with the Apple Watch for generations. However, the Apple Watch Series 8 is designed to break well-known traditions, as current leaks suggest. Previously applied with iPhone and iPad, Some of the curves of the new Apple Watch should be said goodbye. It will probably fit a little better into the rest of the product portfolio of the world’s most successful smartwatch series. However, such rumors should be considered with some skepticism, as an update should be brought in the presence of Watch Series 7. We’ll learn more about the official launch in the fall.

Updated March 8

There was no new information about the Apple Watch 8 at the Apple event, but there were the following innovations:

  • iPad Air (5. Gen.): Unchanged design compared to the iPad Air 4, but with a new 12-megapixel ultra wide-angle camera and a faster USB-C port for the center stage. Like the current iPad Pro, the tablet offers the M1 chip. 5G support is now optional. Starting March 18, it will be available in Space Gray, Polar Star, Rose, Violet and Blue from 679 Euros or 849 Euros, including 5G.
  • M1 Ultra: New high-end chip for Mac. Practically two M1 Max interconnected. Ultrafusion architecture provides 2.5TB / s bandwidth between the two maximum chips. Enables storage bandwidth up to 800GB / s and unified storage up to 128GB. According to Apple, it is eight times faster than the regular M1. Despite having plenty of energy, efficiency should remain high.
  • Mac Studio: Eat steroids like Mac Mini. It is optionally equipped with an M1 Max or M1 Ultra. Rear connection: 4x Thunderbolt 4, 10 Gbit Ethernet, 2x USB-A, HDMI, jack socket. Front: 2x USB-C (Thunderbolt 4 with M1 Ultra configuration), SD slot – also on Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5 board. Starting March 18, the Mac Studio starts at 2,299 euros with the M1 Max or 4,599 euros with the M1 Ultra.
  • Apple Studio Display: 27-inch 5K monitor. It offers an aluminum housing with a stand, a 12MP underwater camera, three microphones and six speakers. 218 ppi pixel density, 600 net peak brightness, more than one million colors, anti-reflective coating and Truton support. Also, there are two fans installed and three USB-C (10 GBit / s) and a Thunderbolt on the back. The Thunderbolt port handles power delivery up to 96 watts. As of March 18, the monitor is available from 1,749 euros.
  • Original message from March 7:

    Apple’s line of smartwatches has been updated every year since its launch in 2015, but the 2022 generation is said to be very special. Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, who has repeatedly leaked previously unknown information about the next Apple product in his newsletter, also noticed the Apple Watch Series 8 in the latest issue.

    Watch Series 3 may be discontinued

    According to Gurman, this year is going to be “the most important year for Apple in the history of the Apple Watch.” For the first time there could be three models in addition to the two well-known versions with 41 and 45 millimeters Also a sports versionWhich may come with a sturdier case.

    The Apple Watch Series 3, currently on offer as the cheapest way to enter the wearable world of WatchOS, is likely to be discontinued with the next generation. It also made an income five years after the presentation.

    Apple Watch Series 8 with body temperature sensor?

    The Apple Watch has been evolving over the past few years in terms of health features. Not to mention the introduction of great new sensors in this regard, but there has been one since last year Measuring body temperature In conversation. Apple has been experimenting with this for a long time Sensors for blood pressure and blood sugarBut we probably can’t expect that in the Apple Watch Series 8.

    A. Announcing no real change in design So, surprisingly, the Apple Watch remains true to its iconic square appearance. For that, it should be under the hood with a The new chip has significantly more power To give

    When is the Apple Watch Series 8 coming?

    An official appointment for Presentation of Apple Watch Series 8 Missing so far. Based on the Watch Series 7, it should be in the fall again, probably in October 2022, next to the iPhone 14. First, we look forward to the spring event, which will feature, among other things, an iPhone SE 3 with 5G and a new iPad Air.


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