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A list of some of the best antiviruses for Android to protect your smartphone from web threats

Threats on the web range from malware and “account clearing” scams whose sole purpose is to withhold personal data and banking information. It is important in such a context to protect Our mobile devices, the main entrance to our virtual world and beyond, prevent its intrusion Spyware the altar Fake application which remotely (and therefore seamlessly) loads malicious code to achieve the objective.

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Apart from the classics Tips for protecting against phishing attacksIt may be useful to install one AntivirusHowever, paying attention to the same quality and its reliability, considering that it is not unusual to find it Fake app antivirus Actually a carrier of rather aggressive malware.

Among the best antiviruses for Android We can clearly mention Bitdefender mobile security for Android, a package that offers automatic scanning of apps installed on devices to instantly block viruses and other smartphone intrusions. Among the most attractive features we also mention the app availablewhich allows you to block access to personal data and remotely wipe a stolen or lost device.

It is equally effective Android Per Trend Micro Mobile SecurityA package that, in addition to providing effective protection against viruses and other apps, includes a vpn Including bank-level encryption and useful tools for optimizing device performance.

We continue with Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus, powerful app that provides the ability to scan your device globally and at the level of individual applications. Like other antiviruses, Avast is decorated with a practice Anti-theft mode and allows you to remotely lock your device in case of loss or theft.

Best Antivirus for Android: Other Alternatives

The best antivirus for Android
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Despite these and other attractive features, AVAST Mobile Security and Antivirus This still has a minimal impact on your device’s overall performance and battery life.

Finally let’s mention 360 Security – Antivirus Freewhich represents a real summa dei The best antivirus for Android Reported in this article. It is an app that protects your data, constantly searches for threats and increases the performance of the device, thanks to a specific feature that allows you Clean the system from obsolete files. Also, you can set a specific password to protect access to all apps installed on your smartphone.

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