Arctic MX-5 thermal paste will likely be replaced by MX-6


Amazon has already listed the successor

Build: Arctic

Arctic has apparently stopped selling the MX-5 Thermal Compound without officially unveiling a successor. However, Amazon already lists it in MX-6 form factor. What exactly is it all about?

Just last year was with the Arctic MX-5 A successor to a popular one MX-4 Thermal Compound (Buy Here) Despite its presentation, the latter can still be purchased today, four years after its release. The paste seems to have survived its own successor, as Arctic unexpectedly took the MX-5 off the market. Thermal paste is no longer sold in its own stores. Also, the product was marked with an “end of life” note.

Arctic has not officially announced the end of production, but the reasons are predictable. Earlier in the year, the manufacturer had to admit that defective batches had hit the market. Accordingly, there were abnormalities in the consistency and durability of the thermal paste. The oil is said to have settled significantly, causing it to harden prematurely. In response to this shortage, Arctic has withdrawn some batches. A similar situation recently occurred with the Liquid Freezer II.

The MX-5 has reached end-of-life status

As the MX-5 goes quietly, the successor also comes in stealth at first. Although Arctic has yet to announce a successor, the release is still off. Amazon lists MX-6 Already at a lower price 29 euros. It will probably be worth a placeholder. Paste cannot currently be purchased.

colleagues from computer base There is a statement from Arctic, according to which the MX-5 has been in EOL status for several months. Accordingly, production should have been stopped long ago. The successor will be seen at the end of October. Until then, the manufacturer is likely to announce the details of the new thermal paste.


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