Are you addicted to apples? With this trick, an iPhone’s battery lasts (much) longer


And users who love only the most important and famous Apple branded devices in the world, thank you.

But there is no doubt that the battery strategy is one of the most important, if there is no charged battery, there is no party. Too much too. One of the most requested and appreciated techniques allows you to increase the battery of the iPhone, through a method that is as simple as it is intuitive.

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One last mystery Dell’iPhone It has been revealed that Back tap That transforms the Cupertino giant’s logo (at least with iOS 14 mounted) into a multi-functional rear button, with which you can access App Switch, Camera, Control Center, Lock Screen, Mute Audio and Notification Center. . Or maybe “wake up” Siri and Spotlight.

A little help to improve battery performance: a path and a double chance

The path is proof of that Boomer First, a Melafonino fan needs to tap on Settings. Everything starts from here. Then select “Accessibility”. Another touch: “Screen Effects”. So you have to find out.”Reduce movement“All clear? The rest is more so.

It needs to be disabled”Automatic iMessage effect“e”Play preview automatically” Now you need to go back to iPhone settings again. This time mandatory tap “General”, so “Refresh apps in the background“Fork the road.

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Actually, there are two options to choose from. Both lead to the same goal: extending the life of your battery Melafonino. The first choice is to disable all background applications to save a lot of battery.

Second Chance, the world’s most loved by the swarm of players gaming, For example, or for those who don’t need to update apps in the background, choose which apps to keep active in the background and which to disable. And that’s it.

It must be admitted that with the iPhone 13, Apple has taken a big leap towards battery, thankfully the charger If it is true that it must be bought separately (spending more money, Apple fans) it is equally important that it recharges the iPhone in a faster way. And it’s around the corner iPhone 14.

in September iPhone 14. They will perform more. At least according to rumors, more or less, in one respect: they will have enough size (for both the standard version and the Pro) to allow you to close the day without recharging the iPhone.

The battery will definitely be more generous. It will be 3,279 mAh instead of 3,227 mAh of iPhone 13 for the standard version. It will be 3,200mAh (instead of 3,095mAh) for the Pro. For the Pro Max it will be 4,323mAh (and not more than 4,352). The iPhone 14 Max will have the highest mAh of the four. Melaphonini: 4,325 mAh. Everything else will have the same strategy that started with iOS 14.

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