Are you going on vacation These kits with Arlo security camera will give you easy rest –


If you’re looking for a surveillance camera because you’re on vacation and you don’t want to leave your home unsafe, Arlo has everything you are looking for.

Arlo Essential XL, 18/6/2022 –

This is a video camera Smart, wireless and battery powered, With extra large autonomy. In addition, it can be combined A convenient solar panel Which allows you to recharge the same camera in light hours. The model we mentioned is precise Arlo Essential XL, A true digital sentinel. The name XL is precisely due to its battery, which lasts 365 days, one year for each full charge, but as mentioned above, with the integrated solar panel, it actually turns into a renewable device.

Arlo Essential XL, 18/6/2022 -
Arlo Essential XL, 18/6/2022 –

Arlo Essential XL: Truly the best wireless camera

The panel in question is specifically designed to be compatible with Arroyo’s Essential Camera and is also weatherproof; In the box we have the kit for wall mounting as well as a Connector cable 2.4 m long, As a result the panel can be positioned far away from the surveillance camera, obviously where there is maximum exposure to the sun. As Arlo Essential XL, it connects to the network through it WiFi, As a result it is an object that can be installed anywhere, without annoying cables in the way. It is weather resistant and records video with the highest resolution 1080p, Full HDAnd with a 130 degree viewing angle.

It is equipped with a Spotlight 7.6 meters away to record at night, as well Infrared view. To complete the equipment, An integrated siren Which can be activated automatically but also manually A microphone and a speaker for two-way communication: This is how it will be possible Talk to the courier from inside the house Those who want to deliver a package to us. Through the app and a dedicated subscription, which is free for the first three months, you can record videos in the cloud, send movement notifications on your smartphone, and recognize people, vehicles, animals, and packages. There are several models that you can buy on Amazon, starting with one that only supplies cameras, passes from bundles, two cameras plus solar panels, then only three cameras and finally only solar panels. Here are the links for different purchases.

Arlo Essential XL is a 162.90 euro, -4%
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Arlo Solar Panel at 44.99 Euros
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Arlo Essential, 2 Wi-Fi video surveillance camera with solar panel for 295.69 euros
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Arlo Essential Spotlight, 3 cameras at 265.82 euros
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