Are you sick and still don’t know it? Very easy to find Technology comes to meet you –


There is a simple smartphone app that will evaluate the possible presence of cognitive impairment or other health related problems through a test. Here’s what you need to know about it

During the last National Information Week on Multiple Sclerosis, AISM researchers presented a project that would allow Self-assessment of their cognitive function. Designed for people with neurodegenerative diseases, convenient solutions can be found directly with an application that, through some testing, Constantly monitor everything.


But not only that, because it will allow you to plan any management strategy designed ad hoc According to the patient. All of this is in collaboration with Genoa City Solutions and thanks to the firm’s “FMS Tax and Law Firm Avocati e Associate” legal assistance, which is explained in the course. Project Presentation Event.

DIGICOG-MS app, here’s what you need to know

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Here’s what you need to know about it (Pixabay)

Recently presented, at the moment l’app DIGICOM-MS There is 4 tests are planned. One is dedicated to visceral memory and to access it, you need to write a special code. Other tests will be created in the coming months, aimed at assessing the speed of verbal memory, data and language processing. That is, the cognitive fields that are most often affected Multiple sclerosis.

The hope is that a project for self-assessment may also be created Remotely supported by a physician. Doing so can also meet different needs of people, not with the same familiarity with technology. For example, if it is deemed appropriate to modify and adapt the patient’s living environment by inserting external AIDS, e.g. In custom containers for calendars, whiteboards or medicinesThe caregiver needs to be aware of the clinical picture of the person with MS and the need for their rehabilitation. ” Explained by the neuropsychologist Jessica Podda. We’ll see in the next few weeks from now how the app continues to evolve, which promises to be very useful for patients.

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