Artist captures what Giancarlo Esposito would look like in the role of Professor X



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from months ago Marvel Studio The next appearance of the mutants is set up UCMWe have already seen this with examples Ms. Marveland teachers Charles Xavier From an alternate universe. And speaking of, many users want that Giancarlo Esposito Become an avatar of the character but in this universe of heroes.

An artist who calls himself @Subi.Ozilcreated a concept that shows its actor breaking bad In the iconic role of mutants. Gives him the professor’s helmet Xavier From the comic series House of X And it looks fantastic on the actor. This may fuel rumors that the actor will be UCMSomething that has not yet been confirmed.

Here you can see the art:

Screenshot 2022-10-12 at 10.19.08

actually, Esposito Other events have shown interest in taking on the role Charles Xavier. Here is what he commented:

I will play that character with strength, grace and poise. Someone who controls chaos but also has the ability to inspire and motivate.

We will have to wait a little longer for confirmation X is human in UCM.

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