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Fans have been waiting years to see Ash win the Pokemon League. Although it got closer and closer with each generation, it wasn’t until the most recent episode Pokemon Journey That has accomplished this. After 25 years, the young man from Pallet Town became the best coach in the world.

Although the episode in which Ash defeats Leon has not yet been released outside of Japan, it has become international news and Those who had a relationship with Pokemon celebrated this milestone. Pokemon Company International Vice President of Marketing Taito Okura commented:

“Ash Ketchum’s determination and perseverance in achieving his goal of becoming the best coach in the world in 25 seasons exemplifies what it means to be a coach. We look forward to celebrating this moment with Pokémon fans when the new season of the Pokémon Ultimate Journeys series and this milestone premiere next year. Fans will not want to miss this season!

The official statement noted that Ash was able to reach his goal. Thus, many people have the same question: what now? With trophy in hand, It looks like our hero’s adventures and the anime may be coming to an end. We can only wait and see what happens in the future.

With a new generation of Pokemon just days away, we’ll soon have more information about the future of anime. Although it is very possible that Ash’s adventures will continue, now in the Paladea region, The option of seeing another hero is also not completely ruled out. In related matters, Pokemon developers are working on the next generation of games. Similarly, Scarlet and Violet There will be one patch a day.


Editor’s note:

It’s amazing to see Ash win a tournament like that. However, I’m more interested to see what the future holds. With his big goal finally achieved, Ash has the chance to take a break forever, without bothering anyone with this decision.

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