Ask a Medic: Should I use a lumbar support pillow?


Many gaming chairs, such as the pictured Devoko chair, come with lumbar support pillows. (Image credit: Devoko)

If my chair doesn’t have built-in lumbar support, should I use a lumbar support pillow? Or just put any pillow behind my back?

As with most ergonomics questions, the answer to this one begins with “it depends.”

Let’s talk a bit about how the lumbar spine is structured, what kind of built-in support your body has for it, and what external support should look like.

About the author

Caitlin McGee is a physical therapist with a background in neuroscience and exercise/sport science. She is the co-owner and performance and esports medicine director of 1HP, a company that provides health and performance services to esports players, teams, and organizations. She has been working in esports medicine for six years.

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