ASUS ROG Live Stream and Contest for Gamescom 2022


August 23rd and 24th with competitions

Gamescom is just around the corner and finally taking place again in attendance. If you’ve run out of tickets or are staying home for other reasons, you can still attend many events online, such as the ASUS ROG Gamescom live stream.

The ROG Gamescom event will be broadcast in two live streams. A 23.08.22 A 4 p.m Find one press conference Instead, where new products are shown. A 24.08.22 A 19:30 The ROG Live Show will then follow at 8 p.m., where influencers and tech experts will participate and compete. Find out who will be the next ROG Champion.

Details of participants:

  • Meeix (host)
  • der 8 Auer
  • Bens Hardware
  • death day
  • TechMagnet
This trophy must be won

entertainment and profit

During the second live stream, ASUS ROG Interactive Sweepstakes Organize that can be worthwhile for you, because the prize pool is included Mainboards, notebooks and monitors. The total value of this prize is 10 000 USD. For the highest possible chance of winning, you should stick to the end. This will be followed by another live stream of the ROG party with a live DJ.

The competition process is as follows: Flow time Eight different codes A displayed countdown then plays on the live stream overlay, counting down the time until the next code. Each code will be visible until the next code is displayed. To enter the raffle you need to redeem it on a website, then you just need a bit of luck. You can find more information and links on live streams this the side


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