Asus Z790: The next generation motherboard


It’s going to be expensive, sometimes really expensive!

Photo: Asus

The range of motherboards from Asus is growing: the manufacturer has launched some new motherboards based on the upcoming Z790 PCH. The boards will likely appear around the same time as the 13th Intel Core generation.

Raptor Lake is slowly casting its shadow over the CPU market: Asus today announced its first proprietary board based on the Z790 chipset. everything 14 motherboards The manufacturer will bring it to market first. However, even for the smallest model, the Prime Z790M Plus D4, 279 euros The rest. The next flagship based on the new PCH costs a lot 1.399 euros. This increases the price of the Asus ROG Maximus Z790 Extreme by 200 euros compared to its predecessor.

Photo: Asus

Asus offers this on all boards that have DDR5 support Advanced Memory Profile II. This means around 37.5 percent higher RAM speeds should be possible compared to DDR5-4800. According to Asus, the profile will help find a balance between faster performance and stability. Asus installs one on all boards PCIe Q-release-flavor, which allows the graphics card to be removed more easily. Until now, this feature was reserved for most boards including the Z690 PCH. The installation of the M.2 SSD has also been optimized and is now done without screws.

According to Asus, Z790 motherboards will be released 20. October Beginning in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The boards appear just in time for the release of the Raptor Lake processor.

Asus has introduced the following models so far:

Nashadthe price
Asus ROG Maximum Z790 Extreme1.399 euros
Asus ROG Maximum Z790 Hero808 euros
Asus ROG Strix Z790E Gaming WiFi668 euros
Asus ROG Strix Z790 F Gaming WiFi574 euros
Asus ROG Strix Z790 A WiFi D4480 euros
Asus Strix Z790 I Gaming WiFi574 euros
Asus TUF Gaming Z790 Plus WiFi D4403 euros
Asus TUF Gaming Z790 Plus D4388 euros
Asus Prime Z790 A WiFi388 euros
Asus Prime Z790 P WiFi325 euros
Asus Prime Z790P310 euros
Asus Prime Z790 P WiFi D4310 euros
Asus Prime Z790P D4294 euros
Asus Prime Z790M Plus D4279 euros


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