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Most of our readers know Atomos, of course. And most of you are probably also familiar with their Ninja V monitor/recorder. If you’re on the brink of getting one, here’s a new deal for you: The Atomos Ninja V Pro Kit bundles everything you need to capture and monitor RAW footage via HDMI and SDI in one package!

The Ninja V monitor/recorder is a very popular device that comes at a reasonable price while being packed with features. But there is a catch: it is only HDMI capable. For SDI connectivity, you’ll need the optional AtomX SDI module.

And then you might need a sunhood for the Ninja V, as well as a dummy battery to power the device from your camera batteries D-Tap outlet. Well, the Pro Kit solves all that by bundling everything you need into one neat package.

Atomos Ninja V Pro Kit

Since this is not a new product but a bundle of existing products, you only need this if you’re starting out with the Ninja V ecosystem. But if you do, this bundle might well worth a closer look. It consists of these parts:

  • Atomos Ninja V monitor/recorder (Pre-Activated RAW over SDI)
  • AtomX SDI module
  • 5″ Sunhood
  • Battery eliminator (dummy battery)
  • Coiled D-Tap cable
  • DC power supply with international plugs

With this Pro Kit, the little Ninja V really comes of age. You can now capture ProRes RAW over HDMI or SDI (up to 6K) and simultaneously output up to 2x 12G SDI and 1x HDMI 2.0 10bit up to 4Kp60. Quite impressive indeed. In addition, the AtomX SDI module allows cross conversion between HDMI and SDI.

Features like HDMI RAW to SDI and RAW over SDI require an activation key for the Ninja V which is included in the Pro Kit.

Atomos Ninja V Pro Kit
The Ninja V on a Sony FX6. Image credit: Atomos

The addition of RAW over SDI capabilities catapults the Ninja V into the next league of professional cameras. While RAW or HDMI is compatible with many mirrorless cameras, RAW over SDI targets more powerful devices. Here’s a list of compatible cameras:

  • Panasonic Varicam LT: RAW out-put up to 4k p60 and high frame rate up to 2k p240
  • Panasonic EVA-1: RAW out-put up to 5.7k p30 and high frame rate up to 2k p240
  • Canon C500 & C300 Mark II: RAW up to 4k DCI and 4k UHD at up to p30
  • Sony FX9 with XDCA-FX9: RAW out-put at up to 4k DCI p60 and 2k p180
  • Sony FX6: RAW out-put up to 4k DCI p60

Note that the Sony FS line of cameras (FS700, FS5, FS7) are not being supported by the Ninja V. These cameras require the Atomos Shogun.

For compatible “smaller” (i.e. mirrorless) cameras, please check out Atomos extensive list here.

Atomos Ninja V Pro Kit
Image credit: Atomos

Pricing and availability

Whilst the Pro Kit offers a complete bundle, existing users of the Ninja V are able to enhance their equipment to the same level by purchasing the AtomX SDI module for $199. The new RAW over SDI and HDMI RAW to SDI video feature can also be added to the Ninja V via separate activation key for $99.

Atomos Ninja V Pro Kit
Image credit: Atomos

Existing AtomX SDI module owners will receive the SDI <> HDMI cross conversion for 4:2:2 video inputs in the 10.61 firmware update for Ninja V.

The Atomos Nija V Pro Kit is availabe for purchase now and it costs $949 / €949.

Atomos Ninja V Pro Kit
Early birds get a Atomos Connect on top. Image credit: Atomos

If you’ve already made up your mind and are quick enough, Atomos is throwing in a free Atomos Connect in the box as part of the launch promotion.

Link: Atomos

What do you think? Are you a Ninja V user already? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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