Attack on Titan Art shows Eren’s final form


One of the most anticipated anime Attack on Titan, which was dropped at a critical juncture during the third season, which is why fans are already looking ahead to the fourth season. The final battle took place during the most recent episodes, and it prompted an artist to do his own interpretation of the character Eren in its final form.

It’s worth mentioning that this drawing is not a fan-made tribute drawing, but rather a manga- and anime-inspired collaboration with Cafe of Lost Creatures. It is neither more nor less Japan and bears its name Titan CafeA gathering place for fans of the franchise to eat delicious food.

Here you can see it:


As you can see, the appearance of the characters is slightly different from the original anime Attack on Titan, but retains the essence that has been loved by millions of fans around the world. On the other hand, its form Eren It’s most interesting, as impressive as the first time fans caught a glimpse of it in the manga.

For now, it’s just a matter of waiting until next year, which includes the fourth season premiere in the works. Likewise, there are options for those who want to do something during this period My Hero Academia, As its next wave of chapters rolls out to delight locals and strangers alike next fall this year.

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