Avengers: Secret War won’t be the story fans want


This was confirmed more than a week ago Avenger: Secret War This is a reality, as part of the sixth episode Cinematic Universe of the company Marvel. And although the dream has come true, some will not be happy with the outcome, as apparently the adaptation of the story is not what most fans are looking forward to.

Fans added the name but its huge event Marvel of 2015 Given the same name, the comics publisher had already used it in a few series in the mid-1990s. 1980. So the films of the next few years can tell us that story, and not the multifaceted mess that everyone is looking forward to seeing on screen.


Name of a cosmic character in the original series The Beyonder Draws all the heroes and villains into a newly created world Battleworld, forcing them to fight each other. It is not yet confirmed that this will be the story to tell, but it is very possible that it will happen. So we have to wait for more updates from the film studio.

Avengers: Secret Wars Hit the theaters November 7, 2025.

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