Backup your DVD collections to ISO with WinX DVD Ripper



(Pocket-lint) – The ability to store files on DVDs was pretty transformational for some of us when it first came around, letting us get rid of older, bulkier formats. However, it’s fair to say that it’s hardly the newest bit of tech, now, and there are far easier ways to store your files, whether they’re movies, home videos, or any other number of things.

However, even if you’ve got a disc drive to read them with, getting your videos and other stuff off a DVD can be surprisingly difficult, whether because of compatibility issues or protection on the disc. That’s where WinX DVD Ripper comes in, to let you quickly and easily rip files of all types from your DVDs – including storing them as ISO disk images. Here are a few reasons it should be your first stop if you’re in need. 

Rip it quickly

The experience often isn’t great when moving files between different types of storage. Often you experience really long delays while you watch progress bars slowly, slowly tick towards being full. That’s something that you can wave goodbye to with WinX, though – you can rip a whole DVD in just five minutes, to whichever format you prefer.

So you could end up with a pristine mp4 file of the DVD’s content in just a few minutes, perfect for storing on a hard drive or whatever memory you’ve got lined up for it. 

Unique DVD to ISO conversion

Unlike many converters, though, WinX DVD Ripper doesn’t just let you take files from your DVDs and convert them – it also lets you create an ISO disk image of the DVD itself.

So, if you want to preserve the DVD’s contents perfectly, without any complications, you can simply export an ISO image of the disc for your digital storage. That means that its entire contents, whether it’s video, subtitles, menus, and more, will be preserved without a shred of quality loss, just as it was on the original disc. This also means that you’ll be able to burn it to another disc down the line, in case you want to, leaving you with total flexibility. 

Reads any type of DVD

Of course, you might find with other programs that even though they say they’ll convert DVDs, some types of disc won’t be recognized, so won’t be able to be converted. That could leave you with precious videos that you can’t preserve.

WinX DVD Ripper, though, supports a huge range of disc-types to ensure that it will work seamlessly with your whole collection. That encompasses DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, ISO image files to VIDEO_TS folders, discs in either UDF or ISO 9660 file system standards, or in NTSC or PAL region standards – regardless of the settings, it’ll work!

That means that you can breathe easy knowing that the app will be able to help you with your discs of all types and that it’ll do so quickly and easily. Best of all, right now WinX DVD Ripper’s running a special offer to let you get it for just $25.95, down from $67.95 – check it out now to make sure you can take advantage!


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