Bad Bunny announces Ash Ketchum’s victory




Today has been a great party for fans pokemonNot only that but we’re practically a week away from the premiere Scarlett y Violet, but because of a great anime event. And finally after all this time, ash ketchum He fulfilled his dream of becoming a teacher pokemonSomething that fans all over the world are celebrating.

Congratulatory messages of this character include that which is neither more nor less bad rabbit, the reggaeton singer who is apparently a fan of the franchise and was happy with the coach’s win. Like many mentioned, I was looking forward to hearing that ash After years of waiting, the title of champion will be won.

Here is the message:

of anime pokemon It has already been on the air for over 20 years, so it means a significant achievement for those who have followed it from the beginning and bad rabbit It is clear that it transcends generations. As far as I can see ash As a winner it meant closing the cycle for many who, although they didn’t watch every new chapter, were at least aware of the characters.

Note that some chapters are available in this anime Netflix.

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